Sealing (Stamping)

we manufacture seals out of all standard sealing materials for ex. Fiber, graphite, PTFE, Rubber, Metal as well as heating-resitant materials of the leading producters. The seals will manufactured
in accordance to DIN-standard, drawings or customer sampels – shortly, we handle all stampable materials. Further we stamp also customer materials in commission.

Flachdichtungen Flachdichtungen

Qualities with FDA- KTW-, W270, DVGW-certificates are deliverable.

Small and large quantities will be produced. Also, we stamp single
parts reliable and in a short delivery-time for you.

We offer as well water jet cutted sealing (parts).

Material of the following producers will be processed Frenzelit, Garlock, Gore, Hecker, Induseal, Klinger, Merkel, Montero, Reinz, SGL Carbon (Sigri), Donit (Tesnit), Metzeler, Semperit, Trelleborg and further.