Plastic semi-finished products

as rods, tubes, sheets as well as cutted blocks out of all common thermoplastics like PA, PE, PEEK, PMMA, POM, PTFE, PVC etc can be supplied from stock or shortly out of new-production.


Our stock is completed by semi-finishes products of Polyurethane / Vulkollan(R).

Further we manufacture caps, covers, boxes and in accordance to customer needs and specifications out of materials like GFK or PUR RIM.


Range of “plastics”

To get a high service life of your maschines/parts is the correct product choise important.

Below we show you some plastics and their characteristics. We would be pleased in advise you to find the optimal solution with econcomical charges for your application.

Thermoplastics can be grouped in amorphous and semi-crystalline.

The plastics can be also classified about their temperature resistant.

Hightemperature – Plastics – above 150° C

amoprhous                  PBI, PI, TPI, PAI, PES, PPSU, PEI, PSU, PC-HT

semi-crystalline           PEK, PEEK, LCP, PPS, PTFE, PFA, ETFE, PCTFE, PVDF

Construction – Plastics – 100° bis 150° C


amoprhous                 PC, PA 6-3-T

semi-crystalline          PA 46, PA 6/& T, PET, PA 66, PBT, PA 6, POM, PMP, PA 11, PA12

Standard- Plastics below 100° C


amoprhous                 PPE mod., PMMA, PS, ABS, SAn

semi-crystalline          PP, PE