C – Part – Management / e-Procurement

We are your competent partner for C – parts and we will advice you.

Because of our supply range and supply know-how we are your partner for the procurement of the following C – parts

  • Tank truck couplings
  • Camloc couplings
  • Hose fittings
  • fittings and accessories for the Pharma- and Food-Industry
  • clamps and gaskets
  • PVC-hoses
  • exhausted air hoses
  • Rubber hoses and assemblies (Silikon-und PTFE-Schläuche)
  • Heatprotection products
  • cutting fluid
  • Aerosols

C-Teile C-Teile C-Teile

The beginning of „C-parts“ are the ABC-Analyses and the classification of the purchasing object. The purchasing of the so named „C-parts“ causes a relatively high administration time and effort. The high divercity and complexity of „C-parts“ produce high purchasing costs (process costs), which a very often higher than the material purchase value.

We pay attention on your „C-part“ demand and we supply the materials respectively we fill-up your stock of the stock-C-parts self-contained.