about us

The company TH Behrens GmbH is the successor of the company FOB Friedrich O. Behrens GmbH, which has been
founded in 1926. TH Behrens GmbH is a competent and reliable partner for all kind of industries, e.g. machinery, shipyards, etc.

The company has a long experience of the production and sale of O-Rings, Sealing (Stamping), Rubber-Form-Parts out of
various qualities, selling of plastic parts, CNC-Turning- and shaping-parts in acc. to your information and drawings out
of materials like PEEK, POM, PA, Alu, MS and Stainless steel. The delivery range will be completed by the purchasing
of C-Parts (C-Parts-Management).

The management has been changed in 2010. The continuation has been smoothly, because the new management has
more than 15 years experience in the production and supply range of THB.


TH Behrens GmbH means reliability and confidence.