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Power stations construction – plant engineering – industrial furnace building – pipeline construction – machine building industry – suppliers for car manufacturers – shipbuilding/ vehicleconstruction – chemical and pretrochemical industry – food industry – medical

technology – research and development – aerospace industry

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TH Behrens GmbH

About us

The company TH Behrens GmbH is the successor of the company FOB Friedrich O. Behrens GmbH, which has been founded in 1926. TH Behrens GmbH is a competent and reliable partner for all kind of industries, e.g. machinery, shipyards, etc.

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The company has a enduring experience in the production and supply of high-technical goods as well as C-parts. Substainable experience in the production and with long-relationship business partners as well as a complete range of products helps us to offer our customers a full-range of products and solutions for their buisness.

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We offer following products: O-Ring, Sealing (Stamping), Rubber moulding, Plastic semi-finished products, Turned and milled parts, C – Part – Management / e-Procurement

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